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March 01, 2013 - THE AGE OF INFORMATION -- MARCH 2013

  It’s easy to give out personal information each and every day without even realizing it. To illustrate this point, let’s take a close look at what a typical day is for the average person. Then, let’s review how much information we’ve just shared about ourselves with others.

  In a typical day, we go shopping after work and use our credit cards to pay for groceries, clothes, and other items. We may go to a pharmacy to fill a prescription. We may use social networks, cellular phones, or search websites on our computers. We make appointments with our auto mechanics, doctors, and hair stylists just to name a few.

  Have you ever asked yourself this question: “How did they get my phone number, name, and address when I don’t even know who they are?”

  When we look at all the ways we normally give information about ourselves in a typical day, we can see that all it takes is for one person to overhear a private conversation we’re having on the cell phone, see us on our social networking site, or befriend us at the hair salon. If they have poor intentions, they may use your personal information in a harmful way instead.

  Because there is easy access to our basic information, let’s be as careful as we can about how much information we’re willing to share in public. Be especially careful when it comes to giving out credit card numbers over the cell phone, social security numbers, dates of birth, and bank account numbers. Keep these completely private until you’re absolutely sure of who you’re dealing with.

  Remember to always safeguard your personal information so that at the end of your day, you won’t be saying “How did this happen to me?”

From the desk of Officer Jane Constant
Senior Relations Division
Nashua Police Department

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