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How carefully do you check your bank statements at the end of each month? If you haven’t been in the habit of regularly checking all your financial statements, please reconsider the idea.

I received a report concerning a medical discount company called “SNJ”. Here’s what happened in this case.  Two separate checks were “supposedly written by the victim” to pay the “SNJ” company $49.95 each month. After receiving payment, SNJ would then deliver discounts on prescription medications and other medical service discounts.

Here’s the problem:  the victim didn’t need any type of discount on any medical coverage because he is a military veteran who already receives ALL medical care, equipment, and medications for FREE. In addition to the fact that he didn’t need this service, he also never heard of, accepted, or signed any contract with “SNJ”. How can we explain what may have happened in this case?

Through an unknown means, someone gained access to the victims’ bank account information.  Bogus checks were then produced using the victims’ name, address, and bank account number to make checks payable to the SNJ Company through automatic withdrawals. The automatic monthly withdrawals COULD AND MAY have continued for a long period of time had the victim not analyzed his bank account statements as thoroughly as he did.

During my investigation of the SNJ Company, I called the telephone number listed on one of these bogus checks, which was 1-800-239-5410. The representative who answered the phone refused to identify himself by name. He then stated that SNJ is listed as “First Regional Benefits” on 224 5th Avenue in New York, New York. I found out that there is no company called SNJ or First Regional Benefits at the stated address in New York, New York.

Furthermore, both “SNJ” and “First Regional Benefits” are not registered in the State of New Hampshire to do any business with New Hampshire customers.

When we look at all these facts, it’s easier to understand that we can better protect ourselves from fraud by being aware of how our personal information can be used.  Starting today, let’s monitor all our financial records and research anything that looks out of the ordinary. And if something just doesn’t make any sense at all to you, report it right away.  Be sure to close all accounts that have been tampered with and place fraud alerts at all credit reporting agencies.

Stay alert to the possibility that someone could obtain  and use your personal information in a malicious way. Be prepared to act quickly if that happens.

From the desk of Officer Jane Constant

Senior Relations Division Nashua Police Dept


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