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Scams are spreading across the area and around the country that are using the Affordable Care Act, which is a new health care law that provides comprehensive health insurance reforms.  These reforms become incrementally effective over a four year period of time.

 The Affordable Care Act began on March 23, 2010. Here are some of the key features of the Affordable Care Act that you need to know:

In 2010, The Affordable Care Act provided more cost free preventative services for many Americans and a new Patients Bill of Rights to protect consumers from insurance industry abuse.

In 2011, those on Medicare received key preventative services for free, and a 50% discount on many brand name drugs.

In 2012, doctors and other health care providers were required to work closer together to deliver better care under Accountable Care Organizations and other programs.

Now for the critical reform in 2013: Beginning ONLY ON OCTOBER 01, 2013, all individuals and small businesses will have an open enrollment period in which they will be able to buy affordable and qualified health benefit plans in a competitive insurance marketplace. The key date you MUST REMEMBER IS OCTOBER 01, 2013 ONLY.

Here’s the scam:  You may receive a telephone call from an unknown person who tells you that you’re among the first to receive a new insurance card under the Affordable Care Act. They ask you to give them your address and Social Security number to verify your identity.

RED FLAG: The government WILL NEVER CALL YOU to ask you for this information. THEY ALREADY HAVE IT. And, you cannot enroll in this program until OCTOBER 01, 2013 or later.

If you receive a telephone call from an unknown, unsolicited caller asking you to verify personal information, PLEASE HANG UP. Help prevent this form of identity theft from sweeping the country.


From the desk of Officer Jane Constant

Senior Relations Division

Nashua Police Department



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