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   If you receive an unsolicited letter in your mailbox from ANYONE who supposedly works as a representative of LEGALSHIELD to provide you with an Identity Theft Recovery Plan, you need to be aware of some major risks that you will be taking if you contact the individual who sent you this letter. Here are the warning flags I immediately noticed upon reading the letter.

Warning Flag Number One: The letter advises the customer to log into a “secure” website for access to your up-to-date credit report based on data from EXPERIAN only, including a detailed analysis of your personal credit score for a monthly fee. THE PROBLEM IS: the supposed “secure website” appears to be a personal email address under MSN.COM, and TRANSUNION AND EQUIFAX are excluded from providing you with the same information. This directly conflicts with our knowledge that there are THREE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES that MUST provide you with your credit report.

Warning Flag Number Two: The letter advises the customer that they have retained the experts at Kroll, the world’s leading consulting company in ID Theft restoration to assist you in the event of a loss, but YOU MUST SIGN A LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY so that Kroll can step in and take over your Identity Restoration Process. If anyone believes this and does such a thing, it will be the beginning of a long list of problems that may not be discovered until a much later time. Signing any kind of Limited Power of Attorney paperwork may give someone THE POWER TO SELL YOUR HOME WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE, take over all your bank accounts, and put you out on the street homeless and poor.

WE DON’T NEED Legal Shield or Kroll to help us recover in any way from an Identity Theft situation. We simply need to make sure we carefully review our credit reports from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax regularly. If you notice something unusual in your report, you can file, on your own without anyone’s help, a fraud alert at all three major credit reporting agencies, a police report, a report for the Federal Trade Commission, and an ID Theft Affidavit at all businesses that were affected by your situation.

And, it’s all free of charge!!!!! .

From the desk of Officer Jane Constant
Senior Relations Division
Nashua Police Department

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