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July 01, 2012 - THE DOCUFILE SCAM - July 2012

  During a recent visit to an elderly housing development, a telephone call came into the managers’ office from a company that called themselves “DOCUFILE”. The male caller was looking to speak to an elder female resident, who he identified by name. He stated that there was a “CASE ON FILE” regarding a LEGAL matter. I was given an opportunity to speak with him to inquire about the nature of his call.

  He was very persistent in wanting to speak to this elderly woman, which alerted me to seek more information about his company and who he really was.

  I asked him for his company name, personal name, and telephone number, which he gave without hesitation. (Keep in mind that any information given to you through an unsolicited telephone call such as this may not be true information.) I also asked him for his company address, in which he said repeatedly:“we’re not allowed to disclose that information”. WRONG ANSWER!!!!!! THAT WAS FEDERAL TELEMARKETING RULE VIOLATION NUMBER ONE.

  Another violation was that he failed to honor my request to send written information, and he actually hung up on me because I was the one being persistent in seeking the information required by Federal law.

  When I returned to my office, I researched the company and called the telephone number he provided for me, all to discover that he lied about everything.

  Please do not feel pressured to give any information to anyone telling you there is a legal matter against you, lawsuit against you, or case number against you. They’re all tactics to intimidate you and make you worry that you’ve done something wrong.

  Your best defense is to ask for their name, company name, company address, and company telephone number. Then ask for a written letter about the case, lawsuit, or complaint. If they refuse to answer any of these questions, you’ll have your answer that they are not a legitimate representation of a professional business. Also, get the latest copy of your credit report to make sure there are no accounts opened in your name that you were unaware of.

From the desk of Officer Jane Constant
Senior Relations Division
Nashua Police Department

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