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   The Criminal Investigations Division investigates felonies where both the suspect(s) and victim(s) are adults. It is staffed on first and second shift and Detectives are on call during third shift (overnight). There are a total of twenty people assigned to CID, nineteen sworn and one civilian. Investigations handled by this division range from murder, robbery, shootings, stabbings (other felony assaults, burglary, shoplifting, forgeries, and a multitude of other felony level crimes.

   The division is overseen by one Lieutenant and three Sergeants. Within CID there are three specialized Units. One of the three Sergeants oversees the Evidence Identification Unit, Computer Forensics Unit, Fraud Unit, and Crime Analysis Unit. The remaining two sergeants rotate shifts and oversee 10 first and second shift detectives.

Evidence / Identification Unit (2 Detectives)

The Evidence / Identification Unit is responsible for the cataloging and storage of every piece of evidence, found property and safe-keeping property that comes into the Nashua Police Department. These detectives are also tasked with providing training to all officers on the proper techniques for locating, seizing and packaging evidence. Members also are tasked with processing select crime scenes and property for fingerprint, blood and ballistic evidence.

Computer Forensic Unit (2 Detectives)

The Computer Forensic Unit is responsible for providing investigative support to officers and detectives by conducting examinations of computer, cellular phone and other digital or electronic related evidence recovered during the course of police investigations. Computer Forensic Unit detectives also provide technical support to officers and detectives for technical related aspects of investigations and they will conduct all investigations which are highly technical in nature. The Computer Forensic Unit also works closely with the New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children (NH ICAC) Task Force to combat online child exploitation throughout the state.

Crime Analysis Unit (1 Civilian)

The Crime Analysis Unit is responsible for providing information that will help prevent, reduce, and solve crime and disorder. Crime Analysis collects data from a wide variety of sources and uses statistical techniques, data querying and aggregation methods, crime mapping applications, and qualitative research methods to turn this raw data into information that the police department can use.
The Nashua Police Department is committed to creating a culture that emphasizes proactive community policing through the systematic analysis of data and through the assessment of policing efforts. Examining the complex nature of problems and evaluating the effectiveness of prevention and crime reduction strategies will help ensure that the Department reaches its overall goal to best serve the Nashua community. Crime Analysis is also responsible for compiling the Departments Annual Crime Report. Previous reports can be found here: ANNUAL REPORT PAGE LINK HERE

The Nashua Police Department also provides crime data to CrimeMapping.Com to assist Nashua residents and prospective Nashua residents with their crime and disorder concerns in the area of their homes or businesses. Anyone can search recent crime data using the CrimeMapping website here: