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Nashua Police Department Crime Scene Unit

    The Crime Scene Unit is responsible for the processing of major crime scenes for any and all physical evidence that may have been left by the perpetrator, the victim and any witnesses. Some of the major crimes in which the Crime Scene Unit may be called out are homicides, rapes, shootings/stabbings, robberies and similar incidents requiring extensive crime scene evidence collection that may be beyond the capabilities of the average patrolman or detective. This unit’s main task is the photographing and processing of the crime scene to develop forensic evidence such as blood spatter, hair and fiber evidence, fingerprints and any additional evidence that may be used towards the identification and subsequent prosecution of a perpetrator.

   To help accomplish its mission, this unit utilizes a crime scene evidence collection vehicle. This is a self-sufficient vehicle that provides a platform for conducting crime scene investigations. The vehicle contains all of the equipment necessary to properly process a major crime scene. This vehicle is maintained in a state of constant readiness to facilitate a quick and capable response when needed.