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   The Fleet Maintenance Division consists of a civilian Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, one Assistant Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, two Mechanic Second Class positions, and a Laborer. The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for the Departments fleet of 50 marked and unmarked automobiles, 4 trucks, 5 SUVís, 3 motorcycles, 1 boat, 10 trailers, and several pieces of miscellaneous equipment, such as snow blowers and generators. The division ensures that the equipment is maintained in a high state of readiness and is safe to operate. The Division is also responsible for the installation and upkeep of specialized (safety, protective, and emergency) equipment such as light bars, siren consoles, radios, cellular phones, computers, scanners, cages, fire extinguishers, flares, first aid kits, logos, lettering, etc. They perform the State of NH Inspections on all of the vehicles and are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the fleet and garage facilities.

   The Fleet Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for planning, developing, directing, and managing the personnel, resources and the activities and operations of the Fleet Maintenance Division. He is also responsible for scheduling repairs, maintains product information files and service bulletins so that all division personnel can be kept apprised of maintenance problems, warranty claims, service trends, and changes in the laws affecting maintenance responsibilities. The Supervisor acts as a liaison with manufacturers of fleet vehicles, various dealerships, supply vendors, and auto body repair firms to rectify problems, order supplies, coordinate repairs, and to conduct cost and/or price surveys. He is also responsible for locating and purchasing automotive parts, coordinates warranty service and vehicle body repairs.

   The Assistant Fleet Maintenance Supervisor is a fully qualified Auto Mechanic 1st Class who is responsible for supervising the Auto Mechanics and assumes the duties of the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor in his absence. As an Auto Mechanic 1st Class, the Assistant Fleet Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for performing master mechanic level maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, installation or replacement of major and minor component parts of all motorized (diesel and gasoline) vehicles and equipment. The position performs regular and emergency maintenance repairs to department vehicles. which include, but are not limited to, Inspecting work on completion, performing and repairs to all vehicles and designated equipment assigned to the Nashua Police Department, Installs, troubleshoots, maintains, repairs, and replaces specialized equipment installed on Nashua Police Department vehicles and equipment such as; light bars, siren consoles, scanners, cellular phones, radios, protective cages, lettering, logos, decals, remote door opening systems, temperature monitoring systems, and computers.

   The Mechanic, Second Class, is responsible for performing minor and routine maintenance/repairs to the Department's fleet to include minor/scheduled automotive maintenance, minor emergency repairs, various cleaning duties of the Department fleet, and maintaining the required service and maintenance records. They are also responsible for maintenance and repairs to the Department's mobile radios, assist in snow removal operations in Department parking lots; maintains the inventory and replenishes the required Department equipment in police vehicles as required.

   The Laborer is responsible for performing cleaning duties of the department's fleet and providing support to the Fleet Maintenance personnel with the servicing and maintenance. The Laborer performs basic servicing to department vehicles such as washing, waxing, and cleaning of the outside and inside of all department vehicles; drives department vehicles to and from service work, and provides assistance to auto mechanics as needed.