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The Federal Trade Commission is doing great work in their fight against International scams. Each and every time I've received a report of an IRS Imposter scam, a Microsoft Tech Support Scam, or even the Grandparent Scam, I've advised the caller to file a report of that incident with the Federal Trade Commission. If the victim was unable to submit a complaint with the FTC, I would, on their behalf, file the report for them.

The FTC received more than 111,000 reports last year alone just on these imposter scams. As a result of these numerous reports, they have identified and aggressively pursued scammers all across international borders. A Federal court just recently shut down a tech support operation that directed their victims to call a boiler room in India to fix their "supposed" computer viruses.

The Federal Trade Commission has also expanded their work with worldwide law enforcement agencies to continue in their fight against cross border fraudsters.

So keep on sending your reports to the Federal Trade Commission if you receive any call or contact from an imposter demanding immediate money, personal information, money wire transfers, or they threaten to arrest you or sue you for noncompliance of their demands.

The more we file FTC reports, the more we send our messages across the globe that we ARE going to remove their foundation of opportunity in their commission of financial crimes.

From the desk of Jane Constant
Senior Relations Specialist
Nashua Police Department.

Posted on: February 01, 2017